Overnight Boarding

Overnight boarding stays provide your pet with a fun and relaxing environment while you are traveling. Your pet will stay in the pet sitters home with at least three other dogs for playtime companions.  Dogs have the run of the house as long as the pet sitter is home to supervise.  When the pet sitter is not at home, all dogs will be separated for everyone's safety. 

Although dogs are not normally crated while boarding with us, we do have crates available for use with puppies who aren't quite past the chewing stage or completely housebroken or for adult dogs who are crated at home. Crates are only used while the pet sitter is away from home or at night if that is the pup's normal routine.  We also have several pet beds, sturdy chew toys and water/feeding bowls on hand.

Your pet will have lots of outdoor playtime in a large fully fenced yard.   Dogs are allowed on the furniture and are encouraged to snuggle up for tv, reading or bedtime.  Photo updates will be provided daily so you can see the great time that your pet is having without you.


  • The first pet is $30 per night. Each additional pet $20 per night.


  • A 10% discount is offered for extended boarding stays over 10 nights except for stays that include a holiday date. 


  • An additional $10 fee applies to holiday boarding stays that include the following holidays. The holiday fee is applied to the night prior and the night of the holiday.   


                     New Year’s Eve & Day

                     Easter Sunday

                     Derby Day

                     Memorial Day

                     Independence Day

                     Labor Day

                     Thanksgiving Day and day after

                     Christmas Eve & Day

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

  • A 25% deposit is required to hold the reservation.  The reservation will be cancelled and the spot re-opened for other bookings if payment is not received with 3 days of receipt of the booking confirmation.  The deposit is refundable if at least 10 days’ notice is provided in advance of the first date of the booking. If the cancellation notice is given with less than 10 days’ notice, then the deposit is forfeited. Bookings made within the 10 day period will, by default, lose their deposit if followed by a cancellation.    


  • We take a limited number of guests in order to provide the best experience for your pup.  We are small business and do not overbook so we do ask that you provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel so we have the opportunity to fill your cancelled spot.


  • We utilize KennelBooker scheduling software for storing client & pet data, scheduling, invoicing, and payment processing.  We ask that you process all boarding requests, and cancellations through the software.  Boarding availability is listed on our website calendar and is updated daily.



    • This is a small business with no receptionist or other staff, so we do have to schedule all drop offs and pick ups by appointment only.   For drop off and pick up times, please be punctual for the comfort and safety of our guests. Please plan to arrive within 5 minutes of your appointment to avoid overlaps with other appointments and to ensure that we are prepared for your arrival.  


  • All drop offs and pick ups are by appointment only and are limited to the following hours.  We do not make appointments outside of these hours so please plan your booking with that in mind.  

    • 7 am - 9 am Sun-Sat

    • 4 pm - 7 pm Sun-Thu

    • 4 pm - 6 pm Fri-Sat

    • All pick-ups and drop-offs must be scheduled in advance. Changes to boarding appointments must be scheduled at least 2 hours in advance and are dependent upon availability. Any request made with less than 2 hours notice will incur a Schedule Accommodation Fee of $10.   Late arrivals without notice will incur a $15 Late Arrival Fee plus $15 for each additional 15 minutes that you are late without notice.  

General Care & Comfort

  • VACCINATIONS: Proof of standard vaccinations are required (Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella) and should be provided at the meet and greet or previously uploaded to the boarding software.

  • SLEEPING & PLAY: We strive to make every guest feel comfortable and at ease. Your pup will be treated with the loving care that they are used to having and will have free run of the house unless we are not at home.  For safety, we either separate them into different rooms or potentially may crate depending on the needs of the dog. Play time and group behavior is closely supervised.  If any dog shows signs of aggression, they will be separated for the remainder of their stay and will not be able to return.

  • UPDATES:  We provide daily photo updates texted to the cell number provided on the account.   We will send at least one update a day but it may be multiple updates throughout the day.  It just depends a bit on the weather and scheduling for each day.  Please feel free to check in anytime throughout the day and we will let you know how your pet is doing.  If you are traveling outside the country, we can send photos via email or WhatsApp to help avoid any messaging fees. We do generally cut messaging off after 8 PM and respond to any missed messages after 7 AM the next day.

  • FURNITURE: Visiting dogs have full access to furniture and beds unless they have restrictions at home.  Just advise us during the meet and greet of your preference.

  • FOOD: All dogs are separated at mealtime to avoid any food aggression and to ensure that everyone eats only the meal allocated to them.  If you bring your own food, please bring only the amount needed for their visit in a sealable, labeled container. 

  • MEDICATIONS:  We will administer any medications as instructed. Please make sure all medications are labeled clearly and written instructions for dosages are included.

  • BELONGINGS: You are welcome to bring any belongings that will make your dog feel more at home but nothing is required.  We ask that all belongings be clearly marked with the pet’s name so we can be certain that they are returned to you at the end of the stay. We will make every effort to make sure all belongings are returned to you clean and in good condition. Please be aware that toys and beds will be exposed to other dogs and may be damaged, destroyed or lost so please do not bring any valuable or sentimental items. We have plenty of bowls on hand that are sterilized daily so, unless your dog feeds from a slow feeder, there is no need to bring their own bowls.

  • BATHS:  We do restrict the dogs from playing in the mud on rainy days so they should be coming home relatively clean without a bath.  However, we do offer a bathing service if you would prefer to have your pet returning home smelling fresh and sparkling clean.   Generally, due to time constraints, we have to schedule baths the evening prior to their pick up but we try to do those closer to pick up time if possible.

              $15 for dogs under 20 lbs

              $20 for dogs over 20 lbs

  • LEASHED:  All dogs must be leashed upon arrival and pick up.

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