By using the Wagging Tails Pet Sitting services, the client consents that the policies have been read, all policies are understood and agreed to.  The client acknowledges that Wagging Tails Pet Sitting has limited liability regarding incidents that may occur to their home and their pet as outlined on the Service Agreement.  Wagging Tails Pet Sitting reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

The Initial Meet & Greet

The initial meet and greet is required and must take place prior to the performance of any services.  Please be prepared to provide care instructions, do some paperwork, show proof of vaccinations and provide two working house keys (for in home visits) at this meeting in advance of reserving services. 

Scheduling Service

Our client portal options provide an easy and convenient method for scheduling services. All reservations and cancellations must be processed through those client portals.  However, if you have any difficulties with the portals or have any questions about service, please contact us at (859) 797-2500 or email us at info@waggingtailslex.com.

Payment Type & Terms

Payment can be made by cash or check or processed online through our client portals. Returned checks will be charged $25.00 plus any bank fees incurred.  Boarding stays and vacation home visits require a 25% deposit with the final payment due by pick up or last day of visits. Regular daily services are invoiced weekly at the end of the week of service.


Once our services are confirmed, we dedicate time to you and do not overbook.  We accept a limited number of bookings in order to provide the best quality service.  This does mean that space and schedules do fill up quickly and we often turn other requests away while holding your reservation.  Please provide as much notice as possible when cancelling a service in order to provide us the opportunity to fill the cancelled spot. 


Boarding & Vacation Home Visits: A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking in order to hold the reservation.  The booking request will be cancelled and the spot re-opened if payment of the deposit has not been paid with in 3 days of the request. Additional time will be added to accommodate scheduling of meet and greets for first time clients.

Recurring Midday Weekday Visits:  For regular weekday midday appointments, cancellations made by 10 AM the day of the visit will incur no fee.  Any cancellations after 10 AM, will be charged the full price of the visit. 

Two Keys

Two keys are required for in home visits. In the unfortunate event that a key is locked in your home, broken or doesn't work, two keys will ensure that your service is not interrupted and your pets will be safe.  Keys are coded and safely kept when not in use.  No identifying information is kept with or on the keys. 

Service Agreement

The terms of the Wagging Tails Pet Sitting service agreement must be accepted through the client portal prior to any services rendered. You agree to our contract by clicking a box stating that you have read and understand our policies.  By agreeing to our service agreement you also authorize a vet release allowing us to have your pet treated by a vet in case of medical emergency. 

Veterinary Records & Medical Emergency Treatment Release

Vet records showing your pet(s) are current on all vaccinations are required at time of the initial meet and greet.  We require proof of a current rabies, DHLPP and bordatella vaccination for each dog.   We also ask you to agree to a vet release for allowing the sitter to seek medical assistance for your pet if necessary while you are away.  The vet release will be authorized through the client portal registration process.


In the event of an emergency Wagging Tails will make every effort to contact you, or emergency contacts supplied.  However, if you and emergency contacts cannot be reached, Wagging Tails will seek emergency veterinary care for your pet(s).  Pet owners are responsible for all fees related to emergency care and treatment as stated in the Veterinary Release Form.

Disaster / Weather Related Event

Please consider making arrangements with a neighbor to evacuate your pet in the event of such an emergency.  Wagging Tails will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your pet but cannot guarantee it under these circumstances. We will make every effort to visit your pets as scheduled, even during inclement weather. We will, however, adjust the schedule as needed for the safety of your pet sitter. 

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